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Detailed Location symbols

Used in ordered lists as annotation outside of the written cluster. Not used for everyday writing.

Category 6: Detailed Location

Detailed Location symbols used in the SignSpelling Sequence may be useful for sorting large dictionaries, refining animation, simplifying translation between scripts and notation systems, and for detailed analysis of location sometimes needed in linguistic research.

SymbolGroup Table

SymbolSymbolGroupNameSymbol IDSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8
SymbolGroup_29Detailed Location06-01S37fU+FDAAF󽪯

BaseSymbol Table

SymbolBaseSymbolNameSymbol IDSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8Valid FillsValid Rotations
BaseSymbol_640Location Space Wall Plane06-01-001-01S37fU+FDAAF󽪯1 - 41 - 8
BaseSymbol_641Location Space Floor Plane06-01-001-02S380U+FDAB0󽪰1 - 41 - 8
BaseSymbol_642Location Height06-01-002-01S381U+FDAB1󽪱1, 21 - 8
BaseSymbol_643Location Width06-01-003-01S382U+FDAB2󽪲11 - 9
BaseSymbol_644Location Depth06-01-004-01S383U+FDAB3󽪳11 - 8
BaseSymbol_645Location Head Neck06-01-005-01S384U+FDAB4󽪴1 - 61 - 8
BaseSymbol_646Location Torso06-01-006-01S385U+FDAB5󽪵1 - 51 - 8
BaseSymbol_647Location Limbs Digits06-01-007-01S386U+FDAB6󽪶1 - 61 - 16

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