ISWA 2010

International SignWriting Alphabet

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Writing symbols

Used in 2-dimensional clusters to write signs.

Category 4: Head & Faces

Starting with the head and then from the top of the face and moving down.

SymbolGroup Table

SymbolSymbolGroupNameSymbol IDSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8
SymbolGroup_24Cheeks Ears Nose Breath04-03S32aU+FDA5A󽩚

BaseSymbol Table

SymbolBaseSymbolNameSymbol IDSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8Valid FillsValid Rotations
BaseSymbol_556Cheeks Neutral04-03-001-02S32bU+FDA5B󽩛1 - 51

Symbol Table

ImageSymbol IDSymbol CodeSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8
04-03-001-02-01-0153281S32b00U+FDA5B, U+FD810, U+FD820󽩛󽠐󽠠
04-03-001-02-02-0153297S32b10U+FDA5B, U+FD811, U+FD820󽩛󽠑󽠠
04-03-001-02-03-0153313S32b20U+FDA5B, U+FD812, U+FD820󽩛󽠒󽠠
04-03-001-02-04-0153329S32b30U+FDA5B, U+FD813, U+FD820󽩛󽠓󽠠
04-03-001-02-05-0153345S32b40U+FDA5B, U+FD814, U+FD820󽩛󽠔󽠠

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