In Your Pocket
by Steve Slevinski

USB Swivel Flash Drive provided

Plug and Play with SignPuddle
from computer to computer!

What is a PocketPuddle?

makes it possible to write signs, dictionaries and documents in SignWriting.
Users can add signs in an online dictionary directly on the web, without downloading any software. Complete SignWriting documents can be created on the web, storing them in a web browser. For users with a continuous internet connection this is an easy and perfect solution!

There is also a need for a portable SignPuddle that is not dependent on any internet connection. For those who work on different computers, and need to transfer their SignPuddle work from computer to computer, a Puddle in your pocket is just what you need!

The new PocketPuddle provides users with a way to carry your SignPuddle with you, in your pocket! You can plug the PocketPuddle into different computers with a USB connection, and transfer data that way. The PocketPuddles come with SignPuddle fully installed.

PocketPuddles are not yet available. Target date: January, 2007.


Purchase a PocketPuddle?

PocketPuddles will be available for purchase in January 2007 in the SignWriting Shop:

SignWriting Shop

Questions? Write to: for more information.

Many thanks to!

The folks at did an excellent job, providing us with the USB Flash Drives needed to create the PocketPuddles. Thank you, team, for the great looking engraving of our complex logo...a raining umbrella with tiny SignWriting symbols!!


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