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Writing symbols

Used in 2-dimensional clusters to write signs.

Category 2: Movement

Contact symbols, small finger movements, straight arrows, curved arrows and circles are placed into 10 groups based on planes: The Front Wall Plane includes movement that is "parallel to the front wall" and the Floor Plane includes movement that is "parallel to the floor".

SymbolGroup Table

SymbolSymbolGroupNameSymbol IDSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8
SymbolGroup_12Finger Movement02-02S216U+FD946󽥆
SymbolGroup_13Straight Wall Plane02-03S22aU+FD95A󽥚
SymbolGroup_14Straight Diagonal Plane02-04S255U+FD985󽦅
SymbolGroup_15Straight Floor Plane02-05S265U+FD995󽦕
SymbolGroup_16Curves Parallel Wall Plane02-06S288U+FD9B8󽦸
SymbolGroup_17Curves Hit Wall Plane02-07S2a6U+FD9D6󽧖
SymbolGroup_18Curves Hit Floor Plane02-08S2b7U+FD9E7󽧧
SymbolGroup_19Curves Parallel Floor Plane02-09S2d5U+FDA05󽨅

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