ISWA 2010

International SignWriting Alphabet

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Writing symbols

Used in 2-dimensional clusters to write signs.

Category 1: Hands

Handshapes from over 40 Sign Languages are placed in 10 groups based on the numbers 1-10 in American Sign Language.

SymbolGroup Table

HandSymbolSymbolGroupNameSymbol IDSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8
SymbolGroup_2Index Middle01-02S10eU+FD83E󽠾
SymbolGroup_3Index Middle Thumb01-03S11eU+FD84E󽡎
SymbolGroup_4Four Fingers01-04S144U+FD874󽡴
SymbolGroup_5Five Fingers01-05S14cU+FD87C󽡼
SymbolGroup_6Baby Finger01-06S186U+FD8B6󽢶
SymbolGroup_7Ring Finger01-07S1a4U+FD8D4󽣔
SymbolGroup_8Middle Finger01-08S1baU+FD8EA󽣪
SymbolGroup_9Index Thumb01-09S1cdU+FD8FD󽣽

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